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Developing a habit of flossing is as easy as riding a bike. It may take some time to regain the habit, but the knowledge should come back quickly. However, if you have questions about how to floss, we invite you to review the information we have provided below.

Flossing your teeth properly requires care and attention to detail, and here are some helpful tips if you are foggy on the basic routines of flossing:

How often do I need to floss?
We encourage you to floss on a daily basis.

Is there a proper technique for flossing?
Use a piece of dental floss that is about 18 inches long and wrap it around your middle fingers. Use a fresh section of floss string as you move on to each tooth, and floss around every single tooth, including the area behind the back teeth in your mouth.

What types of floss are recommended?
You can choose between multifilament and single filament floss, which can come waxed or unwaxed. If neither of these options seem to work, our dentist may recommend a different type of flossing tool.

What is the purpose of flossing?
Flossing around your teeth is an excellent method to remove plaque particles that you can’t reach just by brushing, and this is important to help prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

The more time and action you dedicate to your oral health, the healthier your smile will be. If you would like to ask our dentist, Dr. Gloria Barredo, about flossing in Jupiter, Florida, we invite you to schedule an appointment by contacting Gloria Barredo, DMD at 561-741-8008 today.