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The teeth that sit in the back of your mouth are known as premolars and molars, and they are crucial in helping you chew up and grind your food. When cavities develop on a back tooth, you can experience unpleasant sensations such as changes in tooth texture, increased tooth sensitivity, and sharp pain when you bite down.

If you notice early signs of a cavity and quickly visit Dr. Gloria Barredo, our dentist may be able to use a conservative composite filling to repair the cavity. However, extensive tooth decay that has left a large cavity may need to be treated with an amalgam dental filling, as amalgam can cover large spaces.

We craft amalgam fillings from a blend of special dental metals that can provide long-lasting durability, which is needed when treating tooth decay in molars and premolars because these teeth endure daily friction and grinding.

Our dentist places the softened amalgam filling in the tooth and molds it to form the desired shape and fit, then cures–or hardens–the filling and bonds it to the natural tooth structure with an ultraviolet light. The end result is a sturdy filling that can provide several years of support and strength for the tooth.

To learn more about your options for treating a large cavity, please feel free to contact Gloria Barredo, DMD at 561-741-8008 today and arrange a time to speak with Dr. Gloria Barredo about our amalgam dental fillings in Jupiter, Florida.