A beautiful smile can be yours in a matter of months. Dr. Barredo is proud to be an Authorized Provider of FASTBRACES® Technology. With this exciting high-performance bracket system, many patients achieve optimal teeth alignment in as few as 20 weeks. The technology has been developed and tested over the past 25 years and has been proven FAST, SAFE, and AFFORDABLE. You can now achieve healthy, long-lasting results faster than ever before.

With safety in mind, FASTBRACES® Technology was developed over 20 years ago to straighten teeth differently – allowing for a fast, safe and affordable solution. This new technology is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics, because now there is a very efficient means to achieve non-extraction comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Although there are no miracle shortcuts in orthodontics, FASTBRACES® Technology is different by design. Traditional braces are usually square in shape and typically move the crown of the tooth in the first year, and the root of the tooth towards its final position in the second year, thus requiring about two years of treatment. The patented triangular shape of the FASTBRACES brackets works to move the roots of the teeth to their final position right from the start of your treatment. After a comprehensive examination of your mouth and x-ray imaging to clearly see the position of the roots of your teeth, Dr. Barredo can design your FASTBRACES treatment plan to achieve optimal final positioning and a gorgeous smile. Application of the technology and adjustments will all be done in the comfort of our private treatment rooms, with appointments approximately every 4 weeks.

How FASTBRACES® Technology Works

The Advantages of FASTBRACES® Compared to Traditional Braces
• Faster treatment
• More comfortable treatment
• Fewer office visits and adjustments
• Post treatment retainers need to be worn only 20 minutes a day
• More affordable

Dr. Barredo Offers a Complimentary (Free) Initial Consultation for FASTBRACES®

FASTBRACES® Technology is the best for you. We look forward to giving you friendly, affordable care!