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If you want to have a clean, fresh tongue, then our dentist, Dr. Gloria Barredo, recommends using a tongue scraper. Tongue scrapers are handy oral hygiene tools that can clean your tongue from the countless amounts of bacteria it harbors. As you stroke the tongue from back to front, you can have the pristine tongue you desire! This can also help you and your oral health in many ways.

One way cleaning your tongue can benefit you is by removing the bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds. These compounds tend to cause bad breath, so when you remove them, you reduce your chances of having bad breath and you can even improve your breath immediately! Another way cleaning your tongue can benefit you is by removing the bacteria that promote plaque buildup. This is very helpful because plaque is a very dangerous substance that can promote tooth decay and periodontal disease. The more you can prevent plaque buildup, the better.

Before using a tongue scraper, rinse it with water. You don’t want to clean your tongue with a dirty tool, right? Then, place the scraper at the back of the tongue. When you’re ready, apply slight pressure and then slowly bring the tool to the tip of the tongue. You might be able to see the scraper remove film and bacteria as you stroke. Next, rinse the scraper and then start cleaning another strip of the tongue. Make sure to clean the entire surface! When you’re done, rinse the tool and then put it in a safe and clean place.

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