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If you have concerns about going to the dentist because it may be uncomfortable, the dentist tries to dull the discomfort to help you feel more comfortable and make the procedure easier for her to do. You need not be made unconscious for these procedures, as you can receive local anesthesia.

A local anesthetic can be used to make only the area the dentist will work on numb. With this, you will still be awake, but you should feel no discomfort from the procedure.

The anesthesia does require an injection through a needle, but even then, Dr. Gloria Barredo can apply a gel over the area. This gel numbs that area, but only enough to ease discomfort of injection.

Before Dr. Gloria Barredo gets to that, she will first dry the area where the anesthesia will be administered, using either cotton or air. Once dry, the dentist will apply the numbing gel.

Most people hardly feel the injection. Discomfort may be caused by the anesthesia itself as it enters the area, but this should only be momentary.

Local anesthesia works by preventing the nerves in that area from sending pain signals. Using this method, you should remain awake while the dentist works, but feel nothing.

The anesthesia should wear off after a few hours. For a time, you may have difficulty eating or speaking, but this should be nothing to worry about.

We do caution that you not bite on the numbed area. Because the pain signals are blocked, the nerves will not tell you if you are causing harm to that area. Just be careful and feeling should be restored within the given time frame.

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