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Are your teeth badly discolored or stained? Have years of using products left visible effects on the aesthetic beauty of your teeth? If so, it may be possible for professional teeth whitening treatments to save your smile.

Professional teeth-whitening treatments have been shown to brighten your teeth by as many as 10 shades. No matter how badly stained or discolored your teeth may be, there may still be hope. If you would like to know if you could be the perfect candidate for a professional teeth-whitening treatment, consider the following:

  • Have you ever had any illness to your mouth or have gotten sick and thrown up?
  • Have you ever suffered from fluorosis?
  • Have you ever consumed any drinks that can stain your teeth, including but not limited to soda, tea, slushies, various juices, wine, or coffee?
  • Have you ever used any medicines that can cause tooth discoloration?
  • Have you ever consumed any foods that can stain your teeth, including but not limited to soy sauce, berries, curries, tomato sauce, beets, or popsicles?
  • Have you ever smoked or used tobacco or tobacco products?
  • Do you, or have your ever slacked or neglected your oral health care habits?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you may benefit greatly from a professional tooth whitening treatment from Dr. Gloria Barredo. You can have a whiter, brighter smile in as little as one visit. To schedule a professional teeth-whitening treatment with our team in Jupiter, Florida, please call 561-741-8008. Our dedicated staff is happy to help you get the smile you want!