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Have you noticed pain or sensitivity in your teeth when you brush or floss? How about when you eat or drink something hot or cold, or even something sweet? Chances are good that you have sensitive teeth.

The sensitivity in your teeth could be caused by tooth enamel that has been worn down, a cavity, an exposed root,or gum disease; broken teeth or a filling that needs to be replaced. It may even have been caused by brushing too aggressively, or using a toothbrush with hard bristles.

You don’t have to suffer with sensitive teeth. There are treatment options. Dr. Gloria Barredo at practice Gloria Barredo, DMD in Jupiter, Florida, may recommend a number of options for you. You may need a toothpaste that is less abrasive to your teeth, or she may suggest that you use a desensitizing toothpaste. You may need a fluoride treatment. That treatment may take place in our office or we might give you a kit to take home so you can apply the fluoride yourself. In some cases the tooth may need a crown, a bond or a dental inlay. If the problem is at the root of the tooth, or the sensitivity is being caused by gum disease, Dr Barredo may prescribe a root canal or a gum graft.

The best thing that you can do to prevent sensitivity in your teeth is to follow a good oral hygiene regimen. You should brush at least twice a day and floss before bed. In addition to that, you should come in for an appointment every six months for a thorough cleaning and an exam. Dr. Barredo will be able to remove the plaque and tartar that have built up on your teeth that can cause sensitivity; and she can spot any small problems before they become bigger problems. If you are dealing with sensitive teeth, or it is just time for your cleaning and checkup, contact our office at 561-741-8008 today to a make an appointment.