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Do you ever feel nervous going to dental appointments? If so, then our Gloria Barredo, DMD team has something that will help you feel less nervous and a little more comfortable: Dental sedation!

Dental sedation in Jupiter, Florida, is a special product that can help you feel calm and relaxed in the hands of the dentist. It comes in many different forms, like nitrous oxide, a pill, or a liquid. There are many different reasons why you should wash away your dental fears with dental sedation, and those reasons are:

You will be comfortable: Dental sedation will eliminate your fears and anxiety, which will make you feel more comfortable in the dental chair. You will no longer be afraid of the many dental tools and sensations involved in your treatment. You will be able to relax while your dentist improves your oral health.

The time will pass quicker: Usually, dental sedation will put you right to sleep. This will help make your appointment go by faster. In fact, you might not even remember the details about your treatment at all.

You’ll have improved oral health: The sedation will help your dentist easily fix your dental issues. This is because the sedation will help you stay still. If you’re not moving around, it’ll be easier for your dentist to perform treatment.

It helps with pain and irritations: Oftentimes, the sedation will help with the pain and irritations you usually experience in the dental chair. It will help with tooth sensitivity and a bad gag reflex and it will also increase your pain threshold.

So, if you’re interested in feeling more calm and comfortable in the dental chair, please feel free to call our office today and tell our team that you’re interested in using dental sedation during your next dental appointment with your dentist, Dr. Gloria Barredo. We are happy to help you, and we look forward to hearing from you!