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We all know the importance of a regular brushing and flossing routine. Two to three times a day, we clean our teeth to help prevent them from getting cavities. Even though we have good habits, sometimes cavities can still happen. If you practice good dental hygiene and still get a cavity, don’t feel bad. Dr. Gloria Barredo is here to help and has several treatment options available.

Typically, a cavity can be treated by having a dental filling put in. To do this, Dr. Gloria Barredo cleans out the cavity and then fills it with a resin which bonds to your tooth to provide strength. If the cavity is too big for a filling, other steps are necessary.

A partial crown, also called an inlay or onlay depending on its installation, is used when the tooth still has strength but the cavity is too big for a filling. The partial crown will restore strength to the tooth while repairing the cavity.

In cases where the cavity has decayed the majority of the tooth, a dental crown will be required for treatment. After removing the majority of the tooth’s enamel, a crown is made in a dental lab and then used to replace the lost enamel. A dental crown will prolong your tooth’s life for years to come.

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